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Sloe Gin (Mystic 500ml)
Sloe Gin (Mystic 500ml)
Sloe Gin (Mystic 500ml)
Sloe Gin (Mystic 500ml)
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Sloe Gin 22% is the British answer to help survive our cold and wet Winters. It is a refined, delicious and warming...


Sloe Gin 22% is the British answer to help survive our cold and wet Winters. It is a refined, delicious and warming drink, often consumed at Christmas with the family. Our handmade Sloe Gin has a tremendous depth of flavour, similar to a Vintage Port, gained by maturing for 12 months or more. Such is its quality, it was awarded 'Best Artisan Sloe Gin' at the World Sloe Gin Championships 3 years running.

How is it best drunk?

Sloe Gin is a perfect after dinner drink or a warming Winter tipple. Many fun cocktails are possible, such as a simple Kir with Champagne or in a Sloe Gin Rickey Cocktail. If you are ready to experiment, try our Sloe Gin Martini or a Demijohn Wibble. These are just a start to our Gin Cocktail recipes.

How is this made?

The Sloe Gin process starts with us helping actually picking the sloe in October. The sloe fruit is then sent to Worcestershire where the Hingston's work their magic on it, infusing sloe berries in London Gin for 12 months or more with a little sugar, to create our Sloe Gin. A nice story - All of the Hingston's fruit gins are based on a family recipe dating from 1842 and they have developed it to include this marvellous whole fruit gin. Due to a constant shortage of sloes for our customers insatiable appetite for this wonderful British Sloe Gin liqueur Demijohn have now instituted an annual sloe-picking day to supplement their harvest. So far we have found it to be a popular change from serving in the shops and our friends are beginning to badger us to be allowed to join the fun too.

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