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Sela Roda 2015 - 1.5l
Sela Roda 2015 - 1.5l
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La Rioja has a rich and varied history, believed to date back to Roman settlements in Bordeaux. Fast forward two millennia and...


La Rioja has a rich and varied history, believed to date back to Roman settlements in Bordeaux. Fast forward two millennia and Rioja remains by the byword for fine Spanish wine. Bodegas Roda have enjoyed a stellar reputation as a powerhouse Rioja producer since 1987, and one sip of Sela Roda will reveal why. Bursting with bright and full berry flavours and paired with a rich and full oaky aftertaste, manufactured from an irresistible blend of tempranillo, graciano and garnacha grapes, both the 2015 and 2016 vintages of Sela Roda remain a jewel in this vineyards crown.


  • Tempranillo, Graciano, Garnacha


Sela Roda thrives when served at room temperature, especially a naturally accompaniment to a carnivorous meal. Roast lamb or medium-rare steak, in particular, bring out the complex flavours of this wine. Alternatively, embrace a little Iberian influence and chill the wine slightly, enjoying it on a sunny patio with charcuterie or tapas.




Such an elevated wine requires particular circumstances to cultivate. Beside the Ebro river in the Obarenes mountain range of Northern Spain you'll find Bodegas Roda, a 28-block vinyeard wondered and operated by Agustín Santolaya. This keen rioja expert cultivates his Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano grapes up to 650 metres above sea level, benefiting a hybrid of Continental, Mediterranean and Atlantic climates. This ensures that a bottle of Sela Roda is not just defined by year, but also by season.

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