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Relax Bath & Body Oil
Relax Bath & Body Oil
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For our relaxing bath & body oil, we’ve blended top notes of sweet jasmine and fresh lavender with balmy sage, green rose...


For our relaxing bath & body oil, we’ve blended top notes of sweet jasmine and fresh lavender with balmy sage, green rose geranium, and our Signature (secret) 100 Acres base. It’s a soothing, heavenly scent that will transport you to 100 acres of fragrant British countryside.


Beyond smelling amazing, this oil is also packed with an abundance of all-natural, nourishing oils - sweet almond, sunflower, calendula and castor seed oils soften and hydrate the skin, flooding it with moisture and leaving it visibly smooth. 


Generously drop into a hot, running bath to fill the air and infuse the water with the luscious fragrance and nourishing oils. It’s perfect for putting directly onto the skin too - massage it into either damp or dry skin to leave limbs sublimely soft and smelling heavenly for hours. 



The Finer Details

- Made in Britain. All of our products are crafted in the British countryside, by botanical artisans.


- 100% natural, exceptional quality botanical ingredients. Just rich plant oils, nourishing botanical extracts and the finest essential oils, all of the absolute highest quality we can source. No parabens, sulphates (SLS and SLES), petrochemicals, phthalates, palm oil, triclosan, or synthetic perfumes. We use organic ingredients where possible. 




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We look forward to bringing 100 acres of heavenly British countryside into your home!


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