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Maxime Magnon Corbières Blanc “La Bégou" - 1.5l
Maxime Magnon Corbières Blanc “La Bégou" - 1.5l
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Maxime Magnon brings a unique approach to La Begou, the sole white wine from his stable. Educated in Burgundy, Magnon brought his...


Maxime Magnon brings a unique approach to La Begou, the sole white wine from his stable. Educated in Burgundy, Magnon brought his skills south to Montpellier. The result is a unique blend of gris and blanc Grenache grapes that tastes akin to Meursault. The grapes are grown at high altitude, ensuring an unmistakable finish rich in minerals, while the wine is deeply refreshing on the palate. With a floral aroma that is sure to make an impression, and hints of pear and stone in the flavour of the wine, this is a bottle sure to dazzle and impress any company.




  • Grenache Gris, Grenache Blanc


This wine has a velvety quality that explodes into life once swallowed. This makes it an ideal accompaniment to spicy foods, especially those hailing from Asia. However, seafood such as shrimp or scampi can also be enjoyed with this Grenache, as can freshly-rolled sushi. Chicken can also be a fine pairing, especially when seasoned with lemon. Red meat enthusiasts need not despair, though. This wine can also neatly pair with beef.


Maxime Magnon relocated from Burgundy to Montpellier for economic reasons, but his production techniques and produce are anything but cost-cutting. Adopting a natural approach to winemaking - anything produced under the Maxime Magnon banner is certified organic - the biodynamic practices ensure an unmistakable taste sensation. Growing grapes at ever-heightened altitudes to ensure quality, Maxime Magnon is a name to note. Despite already making a substantial splash in the realm of wine, this is certain to be a moniker that dominates future conversation among the sommelier community.

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