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How to upload products one-by-one

Follow these simple steps to upload a product:

  1. From your tradestand admin page, hover over PRODUCTS in the menu bar and click on PRODUCTS LISTING.
  2. Click the ADD PRODUCT button in the top right of the page
  3. Fill in PRODUCT NAME - this is the title of the product
  4. Fill in PRODUCT TYPE - this is the type of product - e.g. Polo Shirts or T-shirts rather than category, e.g. Menswear. Please use a capital letter for each word. These types are critical to filters and search.
  5. Enter DESCRIPTION - this should be more information about the product. Please ensure that the text has been cleansed of all html in order that it uses the site’s style settings. You can use the editor to add bold, italics, etc.. 
  6. Select relevant PRODUCT TAGS from the list. If there are no appropriate tags, then please email with your suggestion and the tag can be added to the list.
  8. Add PRICING DETAILS. Please note COMPARE AT PRICE can be used if the product's price (PRICE) is lower than the normal retail price (COMPARE AT PRICE).
  9. Add INVENTORY DETAILS. Products should be tracked to ensure that items are in stock / out of stock reliably for customers.
  10. Add VARIANT DETAILS - add any different colours, sizes, styles, etc..
  11. Add PRODUCT IMAGES - these must be square for optimum display and a minimum of 1000 x 1000px.
  13. Click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom left of the page to save the product - the product will automatically now be live in Avenue A.
  14. Once the product is saved, if it has different colour variants, then you will need to edit each variant and add the correct image in order for the correct image to show when the customer selects that colour. If the product has size and colour variants, you will (I'm afraid!) have to add the correct image for each colour and size - there is no bulk editor for this.

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